Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anti-Procrastination Week

There have been a few minor projects hanging over my head for the past few months that I never seem to have the time to get too. Maybe it was the first spring like day we had that has finally got me moving! I'm going to try to at least do one a day for the next week.

My daughters desk chair that I picked up at a garage sale for $3 this past summer.

I need to paint it to match her furniture and recover the seat. Not hard.....just need to do it!

Next ...finally paint and hang her name on her wall. Again....not hard....just need to do it!!

As you can see, I have been setting up little work stations around the house so I can dart around from project to project while homeschooling my four kids.

Then there's our TV cabinet....I never liked the finish on the hardware so I'm going to spray them an oil rubbed bronze.

Also, the finish on my wine rack has always bugged me so this is going to be sprayed oil rubbed bronze as well.

It's hard to tell but it's a silver color with some brassy sections????

Last but not least, I am finally going to put up a window treatment over my kitchen sink. Sadly, I forgot to take a before shot.
Hopefully I'll be able to post one makeover a day. Stay tuned! :-)

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