Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Graduating another one!!

Second son is graduated from high school and now I can focus on summer fun, home decor projects, his party in August, and blogging!! I'm not sure why but it was very hard for me to blog this past year. I really have no excuses but now I am feeling re-inspired to start blogging again.

My dream has finally come true! What is it you ask??? Keeping chickens! Now when I just said that you either said to yourself, "Yay!" or "Why?" Hahaha! Well, if you said, "Yay!"....stay tuned!
I can not wait to blog about them and their new coop we built!!

Here's a pic of the girls. There's seven of them.

Today, I'm getting out the summer stuff and changing the seasons around here....finally! Feels great to have summer touches around the house.

Well, back to my laundry! :-)