Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Change Art For .......FREEEEE!

So lately, we have been working to finish redoing my daughter's bedroom. I needed something to hang above her nightstand. I had a picture hanging around that had hung in the bathroom of our old home. I actually bought it from TJ Maxx to help stage the home when we put it on the market. It was very nice but never worked in the new house.

The scariest part about it for me was that I was actually going to destroy this picture I paid money for and just use it as a canvas. I reasoned with myself that it wasn't doing me any good sitting in the basement for the last couple years. So I got down my box of acrylic paints and covered the whole thing with a coat of white.

I then went onto my computer to look for some photos of a hibiscus flower.  B's bedding gave me the insiration.  After printing it out I transfered (by pencil) the design to my desired placement. I made my pencil lines light so I hope you can see them.

I then mixed some acrylic colors to coordinate with B's bedding and went to town. Once I started painting, I couldn't stop until it was done because I was worried I couldn't remix the colors the same again. :-)

 I forgot to take a picture after I completed all the Hibiscus flowers. It looked very undone!! So I decided to paint a flamingo in the background like he was hiding behind all the flowers. Okay, I have to admit that I was thinking to myself, "I'm about to ruin this picture after all the work I put in!" After much talking to myself, I just did it before I could change my mind again. Here's the result.....

I'm so excited I didn't ruin it!  I'm thinking about doing it again to another picture I can't find a spot for. That's if I don't chicken out.

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