Tuesday, June 12, 2012

End of the school year wrap up and other random stuff

Helloooooooo! Well, I am finally able to write a post today. Life has been busy!!! We are wrapping up school, but honestly there has been so much to tend do around here that I feel like we are not finishing strong like I had planned.

We finished our co-op classes and had a wonderful last day!
Here's a peek at some of my classes art work. (I taught high school art this year.)

They all did such an amazing job!

B had her cake final and I must say that although I helped her plan out her design, when she walked out with her final cake, I was amazed!

We also host a monthly teen night. For the last one the kids played a lot of outdoor games and thankfully we had beautiful weather for it.

Our main project of the spring was to get our barn repainted. The problem was that until that was done we could not plant our garden! UUUGGG! Well, we finally finished it and I am waiting for the rain to stop now so I can plant!

Here's a picture of the side of our barn (before)

Needless to say, A LOT of scraping was involved!!

Here is the barn after!!

I love the way it turned out. We still have the back to do but I'm not going to tackle that until the fall.

Well, it's great to be back and have more time to blog. I've gotta go and finish cleaning out our school "closet".