Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homeschool Highlights

Happy Saturaday!

We had a very busy but fun week.  I thought I would share a few moments in pics.

In World Geography we are in Europe This week we studied England. J3 and B planned and put together an English tea for us.

B made chocolatechip and plain scones! The recipe came from one of our Geography books called, Eat Your Way Around the World. We are loving this book. Occasionally, we have had to look elsewhere for a more interesting or easier recipe but for the most part the recipes have really turned out well. These scones were really delicious not to mention easy to make! J2 decided to made his dish  for later in the week. He's going to attempt cornish pasty. And yes.. that's pasty and not pastry 
J3 made cucumber and watercress sandwiches.
They made a pretty nice table! They added some strawberries, jams, and cheddar cheese.....oh and of course we had tea.

We also played some geography games this week like: fishing for geography terms. Older brother J2 played as well but he did not want his picture taken playing "little kid games". The younger ones have more fun when he joins in and the nice thing about J2 is that he is always happy to oblige.

We also went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the science museum. J3 is not fond of the science museum and even though he thought this year he would be fine going, Dad came and picked him up early. J3 is a very sensitive boy and I think certain exhibits creep him out.

 My B with a friend pretending they are weather women on TV. This spot is always a favorite for my drama loving kids!

B and I love the Native American section.
My boys with the teen group. J1 is in far back right and J2 has fallen overboard. :-) I told you they loved drama!

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