Thursday, September 15, 2011

Touches of September

The other day I took out all of my fall decor and started to take it all out of the buckets. I tried stuff here and there but nothing seemed to work. everything was aggrivating my eye! I took a break and started looking up ideas online and realized I did not want to fall decorate yet! I just wanted to ease into it naturally.So I packed everything up and sent it back to the storage room. Instead I came up with some September changes....

Just added some color with the faux flowers in a creamer pitcher

I seem to like things in threes. Here I brought out my muted table runner, added a wooden bowl I had just found at Target on sale ($13), and a vase from a garage sale ($3) with mint from my garden. Last, I finally found a spot for the sign I found while out to lunch at Cracker Barrel. It needed something so I rubbed chalk all over the front of it to mute it just the right amount. The pears I found at The Christmas Tree Shop last year.

Added a pumpkin from Hobby Lobby to some fall food magazines.

Sunflowers from my garden in a pitcher from Target and some wooden acorns from Hobby Lobby.

I had to figure out a solution for all the succulents I had on my porch. It's getting a bit chilly at night here already.I also had to keep them away from my cat! She tries to eat them! I found a way to transplant them temporarily and placed them above my cupboards. I don't think my cat will be getting up there any time soon :-)

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

The fall touches to your home are very pretty. I especially like the drop leaf table with the sign, and the pretty pitcher.