Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our end of the quarter celebration

This year we have been studying world geography with our tenth, fifth, and third grade children and we are all loving it. Throughout the quarter each of the kids chose different dishes to make from various countries we are studying.  For our end of the quarter celebration we had a Mexican fiesta! It was kind of thrown together last minute but ended up turning out really well.

We made mini chili pepper pinatas that we found on the Family Fun website.

At the end of dinner we all broke them open and ate the Valentine M&Ms that were stuffed inside. (I had a bag left over)

My 10th grade son chose to make a taco salad as the main course....

my 5th grade daughter chose to make bean burrito bites....

and my third grade son made mexican cornbread...

Sadly, we forgot to grab a picture of him making this with dad!
We also sliced up a jicama and added that to the plate. The whole thing made such a good looking plate and it all tasted as good as it looked.  I would rate this dinner a success!

After dinner everyone takes turnes sharing with dad the different things they accomplished over the last nine weeks.

This quarter we studied Cental and South America. We created Mola art, Bulls of Pucara (Geography Through Art), Mexican God's eyes, and made fiesta headdresses from Ecuador (Crafts of Many Cultures by Aurelia Gomez) 

They also showed off their Geography notebooks they have been working on.

10th grade son's Mola


5th grade daughter's Mola

3rd grade son's Mola

My 10th grade son also made a cross out of matches (south america)

Now onto Europe!

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