Monday, January 30, 2012

Homeschool Highlights

Another week is complete! This week went so much better for us.... thankfully!

This week in Early American history we did an archeological dig.

Along with digging up four layers of "artifacts" you record your findings in a journal.

Here are some of their findings...

We also made pop up cards of the early settlers houses.

Both projects are from Homeschool in the Woods. They are getting excited to display all their projects at out Colonial Celebration (with Dad).

J2 studied for his Advanced Biology test with a buddy :-) Ha! Ha!

Hope you can see him in this pic. He kind of blends in with the couch. Our lizard Bolt! He was great company until he left J2 with a little present on his shoulder!

J2 also worked on his cubist art project that we found over at A Faithful Attempt.
I love the way its turning out. I will be using this project for an homeschool art class I will be teaching this spring. Love that I will have his project to show as an example.

Today, we had our first day of bowling with our group. We have done it every winter for the past 6 years now. It was nice to have some fun with friends to start our week.

Have a wonderful week!!

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