Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camp Mom -Handmade T-Shirts

When my two older boys were younger, we had fun activities we would do during the summer. Instead of going away to camp we decided to bring camp to us. The boys coined it, "Camp Mom". Every time we would go to the movies, make projects, go letterboxing, etc., the boys would shout "We're at Camp Mom!"
It kind of stuck through the summers and this summer is no different. We ran a little late with our school year and the younger two are finally done!
I have always wanted to get one of those creative art kits from Hearts and Trees! Love!! Love!! Love her site!! Not to mention that I don't know what I would have done with out her mother's blog, "Harmany Art Mom"! She has really inspired and encouraged me in homeschooling highschool the Charlotte Mason way! More of that in a later post.
Anywho... when she was offering her spring 2011 kit for $10 I thought I would try one out for B and J3.
This week we made our own T-shirts! What a perfect first project for Camp Mom!
We had a great time choosing our stencil ideas. B loves cats so she printed out a cat and mouse from the computer and made a stencil from them onto the freezer paper. J3 loves fishing so we printed out some fish and a hook. I actually just googled online stencils and found everything we were looking for.
We found our fabric paint at Jo Ann Fabrics on sale for only .50 a bottle and they had youth T-shirts on sale as well.

I used a permanant marker to draw in a fishing line on J3's shirt.
Next we are going to make the pencil toppers!

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AmandaChristina said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing! I am so glad you are enjoying your kits.