Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Day Off

So, we finally had a good weather day around here. We have had few and far between this spring! Since the next 7 day forcast showed rain, what's a homeschool family to do?? Take the day off!! We decided to swap out our Thursday for the rainy Saturday coming up. In other words, school on rainy Saturday instead of sunny Thursaday.
Here's a little photo show of the fun we had.
J1 had a driving lesson in the town we lived previously so the rest of us visited our old stomping grounds while we waited. They decided to run the bases just for the fun of it.

Then we ran home for lunch and it was off to play a little tennis and visit the lake.
Of course, J3, did a little bug hunting.
What a great day we had! As I write this, of course it's raining! I'm so glad we enjoyed that beautiful day the Lord gave us! :-)

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