Friday, April 27, 2012

Homeschool Highlights

We had a very hands on week! It was fun to complete a bunch of projects we have been wanting to do.

In Early American History we finished our colonial beds complete with a straw stuffed matress.

Now we are working on a woven blanket for our bed. I really love this project! I'm counting it for handicrafts too!
Hopefully, I can show you the finished projects next week. The kids worked on them while we were reading, The Witch of Blackbird Pond at night before bed.

We are also dying muslin using natural substances such as onion skins, coffee, and beets. Samples of these will be going into a dying book we are making.

In Human Anatomy this week we made models of DNA! It was delicious! :-)

We also made a model of the ear the kids could crawl through. We used a couple of tables for our base.

First, you enter the pinna.

Next, you crawl through the auditory canal.

Then, you finally enter the inner ear!

J2 dissected a cow's eye ball. B could not even watch but my youngest J3 was glued!

We also complete another LEGO challenge. This week they were to build a household object. Of course my clan did all things electronic. B did a labtop, J3 an ipad with a game on the screen, and J2 built a flip phone.

Hope you had a productive week!!

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