Saturday, May 7, 2011

Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Saturday!
Today we are finally enjoying some spring weather here. My neighbor tills my garden every year and it never feels like spring until he does it. This afternoon I ran to the window when I heard that familiar sound. Sure enough there he was tilling my garden! I had to laugh because I was acting like a child on Christmas morning, running to get my shoes on to see how the soil looked. By the way, It looked pretty good!
This week J1 spent a lot of time prepping for the SAT that he took this morning. His brother J2 who is fininshing 10th grade did a lot with him since he will be taking the PSAT this October. Things go so much better when they study and learn together. I thank God that they have each other. After we dropped J1 off at 7:30 am (GASP!) we got J2 a carmel latte for all the help he gave his brother.

I have to recommend these amazing DVD's we used. I so wished I had found them sooner!! They were so helpful! They had a lot of tips and tricks that I wished I had known when I was in highschool. Both boys said they got a lot out of them.

This was our first time with the SAT test since J1 is our firstborn.
Also during the week J1 got a special delivery.

When his diploma arrived it really started to sink in for my husband and I. My emotions have been up and down all week.
On a lighter are some pics of some random moments of the past school week.
We played hooky for a few hours and went to the lake.

J3 found a book on clay sculpting and tried his hand at it.

J1 and J2 were finally getting to try out their airsoft guns and J3 is into video taping everything they do lately. :-)

In World Geography we starting out mapping assignments for Africa.

Have a great week!

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